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Case Study - Soaring Eagle Lodge, LLC   Navajo Dam, NM

FishWare was designed in 2009 in cooperation with Lodge Owner Larry Johnson and Office Manager Susan King of Soaring Eagle Lodge, Navajo Dam, NM.  Soaring Eagle Lodge is a year round lodge providing guided drift boat and wade fly fishing trips to anglers on the San Juan River in northwest New Mexico.

At the time Aspire got involved with Soaring Eagle Lodge, a quality accounting solution had already been established by Caralee Valdez of Sun Dog Consulting, Albuquerque, NM.  Initially, a QuickBooks financial package was installed to manage Bookkeeping, Payroll and Guest Invoicing.  Later, QuickBooks POS was added to add capabilities for managing Guest Invoicing, Credit Card Processing and Fly Shop purchases.  As a very high quality Bookkeeping, Payroll, Credit Card processing and Guest invoicing solution was already in place, FishWare was designed to compliment the quality accounting solution rather than to replace it.  

The focus of FishWare was to provide an intuitive means of managing the other business critical aspects of a Fishing Lodge - Guest Lodging Reservations, Meals, Fishing Guide Assignments, Fishing Venues and Staff Work Schedules.  To do this, a multiuser relational database product was developed with intuitive Calander based information as opposed to less user friendly traditional database forms.  The calendar format is natural and easy for users, the multiuser/multi work station format allows staff at different work stations to view and edit the necessary data.

After several successful years with FishWare, I asked Owner Larry Johnson and Office Manager Susan King what the most important features of FishWare were to them.  Their answers are below.

Lodge Owner, Larry Johnson                                                                                
  • Huge Cost Savings on Office Management Staff time and Account Record Keeping
  • Huge increase in Booking Security by getting it right the first time - No mistakes on Guides, Rooms, Meals, etc.
  • We receive deposits earlier and quicker because of FishWare
  • We close on Bookings faster and are able to insure that for the Larger Groups, all is in order
  • The most important thing is that FishWare makes money and enhances our 'Cash' flow

Office Manager, Susan King
  • Entering a FishWare reservation gives you control of the clients' Lodging, Meals, Fishing Venue, Guide Assignment and schedules Housekeeping
  • FishWare enables emailing of upcoming work schedules for Fishing Guides and Lodge Staff
  • FishWare makes it easy to move or change an existing reservation
  • FishWare provides a 'Big Picture' of view critical lodge operations with 8 calendars at the click of a button
  • The multiuser nature of FishWare with multiple client workstations allows all staff to view and edit FishWare data keeping everyone from Owners, Office Staff, Guides, Chefs and Housekeepers aware of what is going on so that no one drops the ball
  • FishWare provides informative reports on 'history', which was impossible to keep track of before

If you want to talk to Lodge Owner Larry Johnson or Office Manager Susan King regarding FishWare you can contact them at 505-632-3721.  Please call at appropriate times, usually during the day - they have a lodge to run!