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CoffeeRoaster Software Video
There is a CoffeeRoaster video available, the video is about 30 minutes long in Windows Media Video 9 format (*.wmv) and covers the CoffeeRoaster history, benefits, modules, actual import of QB data, reports, utilities and network deployment.  

New for 2015, CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Module - a new 13 minute video is in the works for the Scheduling Module
A new CoffeeRoaster Video is in the works for the new CoffeeRoaster Scheduling module.  The Scheduling Module provides the ability for Ownership/Management to create a scheduled list of Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging tasks that are displayed on a Wide Screen monitor (1920w x 1080h) in a 7 day Calendar format.  The Scheduling Calendars feature the abiltiy to create Training, Maintenance and repair tasks displayed on the Calendars in addition to coffee production tasks.  

Request download for CoffeeRoaster Software Video

CoffeeRoaster Software

CoffeeRoaster Software provides a Coffee Roasting and Bagging production floor tool for Windows that connects to a QuickBooks or ODBC database to convert Sales Orders/Invoices into lbs of Coffee to Roast or Bag.  First introduced in December 2008, CoffeeRoaster Software imports Sales Order or Invoice data from QuickBooks and organizes it into a production plan, completely eliminating the time, effort and payroll costs associated with converting QuickBooks orders into a lbs based production Roasting, Bagging and Logging plan. 

New for 2015  
  • New Assemblies Module for importing QuickBooks Assemblies
  • New Scheduling Module for creating Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging task lists by day.  

                      How Fast are You? 
Can you process multiple QuickBooks Invoices including several hundred QuickBooks Line Items to determine which and how much of each Coffee Roast to Roast, how many to bag of each QuickBooks line item, record the orders in a database and present the info to the Roaster and Bagger in a simple/user friendly lbs based interface in just a few moments?
CoffeeRoaster G2 can!
  • CoffeeRoaster has successfully reduced Coffee production Costs since January 2009!


  • CoffeeRoaster can now manage 'Work in Progress' roast values so that you know how much Roasted Coffee is in the pipeline


  • How much would your business save by not having to spend time and effort deciding how much of each Roast to Roast and how many of each Coffee Item to Bag?


CoffeeRoaster is a Coffee Production/productivity application for specialty Coffee roasters who use QuickBooks to manage Sales Orders/Invoices. The application imports Sales Order/Invoice data from QuickBooks, organizes and summarizies the coffees that need to be roasted for a Roaster and the coffees that need to be Bagged by a production operator. Data from all Sales Line Items imported from Quickbooks is stored in a local Coffee Roaster database along with separate production information for individual coffees.
CoffeeRoaster connects to 2006 - 2014 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise and newly developed QuickBooks Online. 
 1)  Tells you WHAT TO ROAST from QuickBooks orders and/or preconfigured Shelf Goals
 2)  Tells you HOW MUCH TO ROAST of each Single Origin or Blend (Pre or Post, units in lbs)
 3)  CoffeeRoaster G2 manages Shelf Inventory (Coffees)
 4)  CoffeeRoaster G2 significantly reduces production Costs
 5)  Optional Green Bean Management Module manages Green Bean Inventory and Receipts
 6)  Optional Management Module provides additional detailed data analysis and access to confidential data
 7)  Optional Roaster Module provides a Roast Log
CoffeeRoaster Network Deployment options with QuickBooks
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CoffeeRoaster consists of a Production Module (required) and 3 Optional Modules (Green Bean,Roaster and Management). The main module, Production, connects to QuickBooks 2006 - 2014 and imports sales order/invoice line item data into a CoffeeRoaster Database. Once the data is in CoffeeRoaster, the application determines which coffees need to be built and roasted and provides detailed summaries to production and roaster operators. The image below shows coffees that have been imported from QuickBooks along with coffees that need to be built to stock shelves. The rows in blue are priority for the production operator (bagger) as they represent immediate sales. The coffee rows with a white background are being built to stock shelves according to quantities determined by management. Data displayed for the production unit is in bags of coffee to package.
The Roaster has different needs from the coffee Bagger, thus the data displayed for the roaster is in lbs of coffee to roast by Coffee Group. Groups represent the base stock or blend that one or more finished coffees are derived from. The example below shows Coffee Roasts that need to be roasted to fill Sales Orders and reach the predetermined Shelf Goals.
As coffees are produced, Coffee Roaster stores the data for future reports as shown below. The Coffee form provides numerical summaries for lbs produced by month and by weekday for each coffee item. The graph can display production totals by month or by weekday for each coffee.
Additional information regarding Coffee Roaster is available in the Adobe Acrobat documents below. CoffeeRoaster G2 documentation is still in development and will be available at a later time.

Schedule a live online CoffeeRoaster G2 Demo


You can schedule a live online demo of CoffeeRoaster. You will need email, a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer, a high speed internet connection, phone and a scheduled Demo appointment. By scheduling an online demo you will be able to actually see sales orders created in QuickBooks and imported into CoffeeRoaster G2.

To schedule a CoffeeRoaster demo or consultation on equipment/hardware call 970-769-8502.


Aspire can now process both MasterCard and Visa for payment. 


For questions regarding the demo contact Aspire at: 970-769-8502 or by email (

                CoffeeRoaster G2 Product Descriptions

Pricing 2015

CoffeeRoaster connects to 2006 - 2015 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.  CoffeeRoaster G2 is a QuickBooks production interface that provides the following production/inventory capabilities.

 1)  Tells you WHAT to Roast from QuickBooks orders and/or preconfigured Shelf Goals
 2)  Tells you HOW MUCH to Roast of each Single Origin or Blend (Pre or Post, units in lbs)
 3)  CoffeeRoaster G2 manages Shelf Inventory (Coffees)
 4)  CoffeeRoaster G2 significantly reduces production Costs
 5)  Optional Green Bean Management Module manages Green Bean Inventory and Receipts


  CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Module - All PreRoast/PostRoast Blends & Single Origin - single machine, 1 location - Required to connect to QuickBooks Company Files

CoffeeRoaster is a custom database solution and requires sufficient lead time to properly configure for individual customers. A 50% deposit payable to Aspire Computer Solutions, LLC is required for custom work. The balance is due upon delivery of software. The CoffeeRoaster Production Module includes initial configuration of customer supplied data, preliminary testing and live internet based training.

This CoffeeRoaster G2 configuration is designed to display Roast lbs for PreRoast Blends, PostRoast Blends and/or Single Origin Coffees.


CoffeeRoaster and QuickBooks Licensing - QuickBooks treats each CoffeRoaster application that connects to the QuickBooks company file to be a "QuickBooks User" and the computer requires a QuickBooks license. Only 1 Coffee Roaster Production module is required to connect to the QuickBooks Company File, additional CoffeeRoaster workstations can connect to the CoffeeRoaster database without requiring a license to connect to QuickBooks. In most cases the CoffeeRoaster production machine can share a QuickBooks license with a local QuickBooks application running on the CoffeeRoaster Production machine. 

For excessively large data sets requiring significant configuration time there will be additional charges.

On Site Training and setup optionally available by a Microsoft certified MCSE at additional costs.


  to import data from QuickBooks


CoffeeRoaster G2 Customer Module - Required


Each CoffeeRoaster G2 customer needs to have a customer specific module written to be compatible with CoffeeRoaster G2 .This module customizes CoffeeRoaster to differentiate Coffees from Non Coffee Items in the QuickBooks database according to the Customer's agreed upon specifications.This info is also used to assist users in entering new coffees into the CoffeeRoaster database.


Each CoffeeRoaster G2 installation which imports data from QuickBooks requires a CoffeeRoaster G2 custom module.

To run CoffeeRoaster G2 a CoffeeRoaster database must be configured from QuickBooks Items that are Coffees.Part of the configuration includes assigning Roast, Case, Weight and other configuration data to each unique QuickBooks Item that is a Coffee.Aspire will provide assistance in putting this info together.If you have a large Coffee data set, additional fees may apply depending on how much of the configuration you are able to complete.For smaller data sets, Aspire will configure the data file with the information provided by you.


QODBC Interface** - Required for QuickBooks Pro and Premier users - Not Necessary for QB Enterprise Users as the QODBC interface is included in QB Enterprise

CoffeeRoaster interfaces with the QuickBooks company file through a QuickBooks approved third party interface. If you own an Enterprise copy of QuickBooks a scaled down version of this interface is built into QuickBooks Enterprise and you would not need to purchase the interface.



CoffeeRoaster G2 Green Bean Management - New for 2013
The Optional CoffeeRoaster G2 Green Bean Management Module provides the ability to track and manage Green Bean Inventories.  As coffees are bagged, CoffeeRoaster deducts the appropriate weight from the specific Single Origin Green Bean 'BIN'.  This capability is covered for Single Origin Roasts, Pre Roast Blends and Post Roast Blends.  As new Green Coffee Bean shipments arrive they are logged into the CoffeeRoaster G2 database for future tracking.  Logging includes Supplier Info, Invoice and Invoice Date, Green Bean additions by invoice line item and bag/shipment specific marks. 












  CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Module - additional machine, 1 location - Optional







  CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster Module - Optional, Recommended

The Roaster Module is a slimmed down module without the capability of connecting to QuickBooks but provides a separate Roaster computer at the Roast location the ability to connect to the CoffeeRoaster database and provide the Roaster with current information regarding the Roasts/Blends that need to be roasted and their current requirement in lbs. This is "live" data and changes as new coffees are imported into CoffeeRoaster by the Production Module or Coffees are "bagged" in the Production Module. Roast values in lbs are provided in both datasheet and graphical form.


  CoffeeRoaster G2 Management Module - Optional, Recommended

The CoffeeRoaster Management Module provides additional summary information and graphing of Coffees by Roasts providing monthly totals (lbs) by Roast/Blend. In addition, the management module allows management to remotely monitor events in CoffeeRoaster during the day and to configure new Coffees or other CoffeeRoaster data remotely. The Roaster Module also allows calculation of the dollar amount represented by the shelf inventory.

CoffeeRoaster G2 Scheduling Module - Optional - New for 2015
The CoffeeRoaster G2 Scheduling Module allows Ownership/Management the ability to schedule Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging tasks for display on a Calendar and provided to staff in the form of Calendars and printable reports.  The Scheduling Module is connected directly to the CoffeeRoaster data imported from QuickBooks and allows the creation of specific Coffee production task lists for crew.  The Calendars are also able to display scheduled Training, Maintenance and Repair tasks for specific workstations.  Four calendars are included (Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding, Packaging) as well as associated Scheduling data forms.

 CoffeeRoaster G2 Assemblies Module - Optional - New for 2015
The CoffeeRoaster Assemblies Module adds the capability of importing Coffees included in QuickBooks Assemblies to the CoffeeRoaster Production scheme.  This is valuable for Roasters who package Gift Assemblies of Coffees or for Assembly packages involving both Coffee Items and non Coffee Items.


  New - CoffeeRoaster G2 StandAlone Roaster Module

The StandAlone Roaster Module is a slimmed down module without the capability of connecting to QuickBooks but provides a separate Roaster computer at the Roast location the ability to manage the CoffeeRoaster Roaster/Green Bean Module database.  The StandAlone Roaster Module includes the Green Bean Module to enable management of Single Origin Bean BINS, Roast Logs and Reports including automated Shrinkage calculations.  

*Light modules do not connect to Quickbooks, Light modules do not require the QODBC Interface.

**Some high end Quickbooks versions (Quickbooks Enterprise) do not require the QODBC interface as it is included in QuickBooks Enterprise.


Stand Alone$1,700.00


CoffeeRoaster is a custom database application and requires sufficient lead time to configure and test for each customer. A 50% deposit is required during the configuration and testing period, the balance is due upon delivery.
For more information on CoffeeRoaster software contact:
Phone: 970-769-8502