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CoffeeRoaster Green Beans Module
CoffeeRoaster Green Beans Module
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CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Module
The Optional CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Management Module provides the ability to Log Green Bean Deliveries and manage Green Bean Inventory BIN lbs.  As new Single Origin Coffees are delivered, a log is created from the Invoice.
As coffees are bagged, the CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Module deducts the appropriate weight from the specific Single Origin Green Bean 'BIN'(s) by preconfigured Roast Formulas.  The Green Bean Module does not provide for Roast Component substitutions and is not recommended for situations where frequent Roast Component Substitusions are necessary.  Roast Substitutions can be accomodated by the CoffeeRoaster Roaster Modul which deducts Green Bean BINS by components configured for each individual Roast.  
Logging includes Supplier Info, Invoice, Invoice Date, Green Bean additions by invoice line item and bag/shipment specific marks. CoffeeRoaster automatically converts metric data to lbs for received coffees.
The Green Beans Module does not need to run on a separate computer and integrates into the CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Module, the CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster Module and the CoffeeRoaster G2 Management Module. 
Operating Systems and Hardware
The Green Bean Module does not require a separate computer but instead runs as an addition to the Production Module or Management Module.