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CoffeeRoaster Pricing 2016

CoffeeRoaster Module Pricing - 2016
 CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Host - 1 Computer/1 LocationRequired$2,250.00 

 CoffeeRoaster G2 Customer ModuleRequired $350.00 
 CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Client - Additional ComputerOptional $1,000.00

CoffeeRoaster G2 Green Bean Module  Optional $1,000.00 

 CoffeeRoaster G2 Management ModuleOptional $900.00 

 CoffeeRoaster Roaster ModuleOptional $800.00 
  CoffeeRoaster Assemblies Module - New for 2015Optional $800.00 
  CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Module - New for 2015Optional $2,750.00 

 CoffeeRoaster StandAlone Roaster Module
Does not connect to QuickBooks, manages Roast Logs and Green Bean inventories but not Coffee production data
Stand Alone  $1,700.00

CoffeeRoaster for importing Coffees from QuickBooks requires a custom Customer Module written to match the scheme used by your business to identify coffees in QuickBooks.  In addition, CoffeeRoaster requires a database of configuration information to be developed and will require assistance from Aspire.  To cover these costs, Aspire requires a deposit of 50% at the time that the order is placed and the balance upon delivery.   

CoffeeRoaster Packages - Save when purchasing items as packages

CoffeeRoaster Package2016 PriceItem TotalPackage Savings

  CoffeeRoaster G2 Production       Host Module
  Customer Module
  Management Module

 $3,200.00$3,500.00 $300.00 
Package 2

  CoffeeRoaster G2 Production       Host Module
  Customer Module
  Green Bean Module 
  Roaster Module
 $4,000.00$4,400.00 $400.00 
Package 3

  CoffeeRoaster G2 Production       Host Module
  Customer Module
  Green Bean Module
  Management Module
  Roaster Module
$4,800.00 $5,300.00 $500.00