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CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster StandAlone Module
CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster StandAlone Module
CoffeeRoaster Roaster StandAlone Module
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Product details

The CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster StandAlone Module is a new product  Dec 2014 to manage Green Beans.  The Roaster StandAlone product features a log for Green Bean Shipments, a log for Single Origin and Single Origin Components for a Post Roast Blend Model and a log for Single Origins and Pre Roast Blends.  As you receive shipments the data entered automatically adds the correct Green Lbs to the BIN.  As you use Green Beans through the Roast Logs the Green Bean BIN totals are automatically adjusted based on previously configured Roast Formulas.  If a Single Origin component is not available, an alternate component can be selected.  A form is available for switching all formulas from one Single Origin to another if the original becomes unavailable. 
The Roaster StandAlone Module also adds data analysis tools from the CoffeeRoaster Management Module.  In addition to multiple reports, Forms and Graphs with detailed data analysis are available including the following.
  • Annual Single Origin Green Beans Use Totals in lbs
  • Annual Single Origin and Roast Blend Totals in lbs by Week and by Month
  • Final Roast Configuration Form for configuring Roast Formulas


The Roaster StandAlone Module does not track Sales or Coffee Bag Production as does the CoffeeRoaster Production Module, also, the Roaster StandAlone Module does not connect to QuickBooks.


The Roaster StandAlone Module is perfect for smaller Roaster who need to track Green Bean usage and have a Roast Log of Pre Roast Blends, Post Roast Blends and Single Origins.


The CoffeeRoaster Roaster StandAlone Module works with Windows XP through Windows 8 operating systems.  A Widescreen monitor is recommended (1400 pixels Wide or more) but not essential.