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New 5 Minute Video for FishWare Reservation

FishWare Lodging and GuideService is an application  designed specifically for the Fishing Lodge and Hunting Lodge industries. FishWare is NOT an adaptation of motel or hotel software but is designed from the bottom up to service the unique needs of the Fishing/Hunting Lodge industries. The FishWare user interface is user friendly, designed specifically to show the "Big Picture" through intuitive calendars along with appropriate data form screens to facilitate easy data entry.
FishWare is designed to run alongside an accounting package of your choice and does not force you to use a specific accounting package.  Originally, FishWare was designed to run alongside QuickBooks where the 'bookkeeping' is kept up to date by the daily activities in QuickBooks and periodic reviews by an accountant.  This process reduces overall bookkeeping expense and provides a very powerful, quality application for Payroll, Credit Card Processing, Customer Invoicing, Expense and up to date record keeping. 
Why invest in FishWare?
  • Increase Profitability by reducing staff hours needed to run the lodge
  • Improve Cash Flow by being able to secure deposits earlier
  • Eliminate mistakes on Room assignments, Guide assignments, Meals, etc.
  • Keep all your staff on the same page so that no one drops the ball
  • History of prior guest reservations
  • History of Guide activity and reporting for completing payment to Contract Guides


         *  -  Video's may take a few minutes to download and buffer

How has FishWare fared in the Real World of running a Fishing Lodge?
FishWare has been a huge success over a period of many years.  To see how FishWare has impacted Soaring Eagle Lodge on the San Juan River in Navajo Dam, NM, review the Case Study with comments by the Lodge Owner and Office Manager at the following link:

Customization, Initial Setup and Training
Each Fishing Lodge operates a little differently, because of this, FishWare is designed in a modular manner to support customization.  Aspire will work with you to set up and configure FishWare so that it is set up properly for your operation.  Aspire will need to work with your data and configuration for a period of time before delivery to make the necessary customizations needed for your lodge and test before delivery.  This period will generally last several weeks.  Following testing and delivery, Aspire will work directly with you to provide online/phone based training so that you are up and running.  This all needs to take place during the 'slow' part of your season so that we are both able to focus on the task at hand.  Training can be started shortly after purchase with 'Training' software.  Training software will cover the basics of running a fishing lodge with FishWare but will not include customizations for your lodge which will be provided after customization and testing.  If you have computerized records of customers Aspire may be able to import that data directly into FishWare reducing data entry time. 

FishWare features 7 weekly calendars to help manage critical Fishing Lodge operations including Lodging, Housekeeping, Meals, Fishing or Hunting Guides, Fishing Venues, Employees, Staff Scheduling and 1 monthly reservations calendar that shows room availability and occupancy. Each calendar (8) features customized headers that display important summary information for that calendar and form footers which display customizable Holidays and Special Events. Current FishWare Calendars are the following:
  1. Lodging - shows guest reservations along with CheckIn/CheckOut information, room availability
  2. Monthly Calendar - shows room reservations, status and holds for a 5 week period
  3. Housekeeping - shows scheduled housekeeping and maintenance events
  4. Meals - shows guest counts for meals and special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc)
  5. Guides - shows guided trips for guides, also shows scheduled guide days off
  6. Venue - shows which river/lake/fishing venue your guides/customers are at
  7. Employee- shows work schedule and days off for Employees
  8. Staff Schedule - the Staff Schedule allows you to view who is on duty each day for office, chef, waitress, housekeeping, maintenance, outside services and outside vendors

Most calendars show Holidays or scheduled events such as fishing schools at the bottom of the calendar. 


The 8 images below each link to a 'full size' view of the specific FishWare Calendar. Click on an image to get a 'full size' view and description for that specific calendar.



6 Week Guide / Staff Schedule

Individual Guide/Staff calendars along with the Schedule Forward Reports provide the ability to update Guides/Staff of their upcoming schedule by print out or by email. In working with Microsoft Outlook, FishWare can automatically create emails of Guide/Staff calendars or Schedule Forward Reports. As Guide/Staff calendar/report emails are created by FishWare they are automatically placed in the Outlook Outbox and a correspondence record created within FishWare. Updated Guide and Staff Calendars can easily be emailed or printed out.

FishWare Network Solutions

FishWare supports a multiuser/multiple workstation configuration. The shared database is hosted on the FishWare Server, remote stations can connect to the FishWare database and edit/view information. The FishWare Server does not need to have a server operating system and runs well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Hardware recommendations are detailed below.

  • The FishWare Server (FishWare Host) computer is required, this computer will host the FishWare database and main FishWare application (FishWare Host)
  • Optional workstations (FishWare Clients) can be installed on an ethernet network. These workstations can both view and edit data.
  • FishWare is not recommended for wireless networks due to both security and performance issues


FishWare Hardware Recommendations

FishWare is a hardware intensive application that requires modern hardware to maintain good working speeds. It is recommended that the FishWare Host application be run on a Windows computer with XP Professional, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7, or Windows 8Professional. Windows Home Operating Systems, commonly available on consumer price point computers, are not recommended for deployment in a business environment.  If you purchase a computer for business equipped with a Microsoft Home operating system, relatively low cost options are available to convert to a Professional version of the operating system.  This is usually about $100/computer.  On computers where less speed is required a less powerful processor may be acceptable, but for the computer where most reservations are done while speaking with a customer over the phone, speed is important.  Due to the high processing demands of the application it is recommended that you use an Intel Dual Core Processor or higher with 4G or more of memory.  Intel Dual Core or greater processors are available in Lenovo Workstations and Desktops with Intel Core I5 or Core I7 processors.  Intel Xeon processors are generally more powerful and are intended for the Server and high end Workstation market, but work well.  

Video Display

The Video display for FishWare is also important.  FishWare is designed to be displayed on a Monitor with a minimum of 1280 pixels in width.  On modern monitors, a 21.5 or larger Widescreen monitor generally allows over 1900 pixels in width and is well suited for FishWare.  

Schedule a Live FishWare Demo

You can schedule a live online demo of FishWare. You will need email, a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer, a high speed internet connection, phone and a scheduled Demo appointment. To schedule a FishWare demo or consultation on equipment/hardware call 970-769-8502.

FishWare was developed in cooperation with Soaring Eagle Lodge on the San Juan River, NM ( During the winter season FishWare training can be scheduled with Soaring Eagle Lodge. If you would like on site training and configuration at your location with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Product Developer you would need to cover travel, lodging and meal expenses.



FishWare Pricing

FishWare Lodging and GuideService - 1 Host and 2 Clients

FishWare Lodging and GuideServices features 8 calendars plus Guide/Staff 6 week calendars. The main calendars are Lodging, Housekeeping, Meals, Guides/Contractors, Monthly Reservations, Fishing/Venue, Employee and Staff/Category Calendars. Standard reports are available for the appropriate categories. FishWare Lodging and GuideService pricing includes the FishWare Host and up to 2 FishWare Clients.


FishWare Lodging and Guide Service Additional Client

Additional FishWare Client - FishWare Clients connect to the FishWare database across an ethernet network and can display the same main FishWare Calendars as the FishWare Host. To speed processing, clients only display the Lodging Calendar by default.


FishWare GuideService

FishWare GuideService is a downscaled version of the FishWare Lodging and GuideService product. The smaller module does no t include the Lodging Calendar, Housekeeping or Monthly Calendars. The application includes many standard reports but can add custom reports.


Custom Report from FishWare Database

If you need to add custom reports from the FishWare data Aspire can provide them. Custom reports are integrated into the menu system and become part of the application.


Hardware/Operating System Requirements

FishWare is a database application built to run on Microsoft client operating systems using Microsoft technologies. A Server operating system is not required. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported. Testing is in progress on Windows 8.1.

Both the FishWare Host and FishWare Client applications require a computer with sufficient processor and memory capability. For the Host computer FishWare recommends Intel Dual Core or Quad Core (preferred) processors with a minimum of 2G of memory. The FishWare client computers must load the FishWare data from across the network, it is recommended that Intel Dual Core with 2G of memory be the minimum processor/memory for a client.

Optional On Site Delivery and Training

Aspire can provide on site delivery, installation and training if you prefer. You would need to cover travel, meal and lodging expenses.



Phone: 970-769-8502