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FishWare Lodging Calendar

The Lodging Calendar, shown above, shows customer reservation information including RVID, Check in, Check Out, Paid status (Paid, Deposit, No Deposit), CheckOuts (red or blue border around text), room under repair (Bright Yellow) and Overbooking (Red background). Rooms with a white background are available for booking. FishWare allows multiple reservations per room so customers sharing a cabin can have separate FishWare reservations.
Room Background Color Coding:
  • Reservations without deposits (Tan color)
  • Reservations with deposits (light Olive, not shown)
  • Rooms under Repair (bright Yellow)
  • Rooms overbooked (Red)
  • Rooms in hold status (not shown) or with an expired hold (light blue)
  • Fully paid rooms (Olive)
  • Rooms available (white)
  • Rooms waiting for Housekeeping (Rose)

Borders are used to indicate checkout status and whether the customer has a lodging only reservation (no guided fishing trips scheduled)

  • The heavy blue border indicates a checkout where a room must be cleaned in order for a new customer that afternoon (back to back check out/check in)
  • The heavy brown border indicates a checkout where the room will be available after housekeeping is completed
  • The dotted border indicates a customer reservation who has lodging but has not scheduled fishing guides


Web Hyperlinks to dedicated customer specific Web Sites

The four fish icons in Rooms 1-4 are set up as Hyperlinks to 4 web sites that are important to running the lodge.  Examples are, River Flow, Current Temp, Weather Forecast and Lunar Calendar.  These 4 hyperlinks are set to a requested 4 web hyperlinks specified by the customer. 


Easy Navigation

You can navigate from one week to the next with the backward and forward arrows, or use the Date Picker (DP) to go to a specific date. 


Fishing Info available at the click of a button

The Hook Icons in the date header for each date open a form of Fishing Reservations for that specific Date.  From this form you can see all customer Fishing reservations, Guide Assignments, Fishing Venues, etc. 


Customizable Holidays and Special Events displayed in the Footer

You enter the Holidays and Special Events that you want displayed on the calendar