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FishWare Monthly Calendar
Both management and the office staff will like the Monthly Calendar. This calendar shows occupancy for a given month including the specified month through a 5 week period. This makes it easy to manage reservations for the back end of a month that extend into the next month as both are displayed on consecutive calendars. The monthly calendar shows occupancy along with payment status (Paid - PD, Deposit -$+, No Deposit -$-) and also shows rooms which are unavailable due to repairs. Seasons are displayed by color coding the weekday labels (Winter, Shoulder Spring, High, Shoulder Fall). Special events and designated holidays are shown at the bottom of the calendar in tan. The summary information at the top of the screen displays monthly totals for bed counts, meal counts, available rooms, etc.
The Monthly Calendar can be used to initiate a new Lodging reservation simply double clicking on the Room/Day that you want the Lodging Reservation to start.   
The Monthly Calendar shows room status by color coding with Paid/Deposit status in text.
  • Green - shows a room reservation
  • Bright Blue - shows a room under a Hold condition - promised for a certain length of time
  • Light Blue - expired hold - shows a room where a customer has requested a reservation and the time that you have promised to hold the reservation for has expired - you can rent the room
  •  Yellow - the room is not available due to repairs
  •  White - the room is available for lodging