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FishWare - Connect to a Data File

There are times when it is necessary to connect FishWare to a different data file.  In the field this can occur when training new FishWare staff and switching back and forth from a 'Live Data' file to a 'Training Data' file.  When it is time to train staff, a FishWare admin can connect to a Training Data file and then switch back to 'Live Data' when the training is finished.  

A second situation occurs when installing new FishWare software.  When you receive your new software it will generally have been connected to a different data file than the one you are using and when you launch the application it will fail to find the data file that it is looking for and launch the FishWare Data Connection form shown below.

When the form loads it displays the name of the data file that it was connected to last.  To select a different file or connect across a network to a shared data file use the 2nd option, the 'Link to different FishWare Data file' option as shown below and then click on Continue.


After you select the 'Link to different FishWare Data File' option, you will need to select a FishWare Data file from the local computer or navigate across the network to a shared data file on a Networked computer.  

To select a data file from the Local computer navigate to C:\Aspire\Aspire Data\ and then select the appropriate data file.  You must select a data file that is updated to the current FishWare software level.  On newer FishWare software deployments the data file may be automatically updated to the necessary version in order to open and display the data file properly.

The process to select a data file from a computer on the network is actually fairly simple and involves successfully navigating the network hierarchy as opposed to the Local Computer hierarchy.

To find a computer or network resource you need to start at the top ot the hierarchy which is the Network object as shown below.  When I select the Network object as shown on the lower left, a list of computers is displayed which have potential shared resources on the network.  The names below are computers on the network.

Select the computer that has the shared folder hosting the FishWare Data file by clicking or double clicking on the computer.  This will bring up a list of the resources shared by that computer on the network as shown below.  Notice that network resources are displayed with a 'pipeline' type icon to indicate that they are network resources.

The FishWare data file should be located in the Aspire Data network share shown above.  Double Click on the Aspire Data network Share to display the list of files and folders available from that share as shown below.

Once the list is reviewed select the correct data file and then click on the Open button in the lower right side of the form.  This will launch FishWare with the selected data file.  

For newer versions of FishWare a check will be performed to determine whether the data file is of the correct version.  For later data files FishWare may enter a process to convert the Selected Data file to the appropriate version for the FishWare Application version that you are connecting with.  This process begins with a Backup which includes a 'Compact and Repair' process.