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Custom database solutions for business
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Aspire Computer Solutions, otherwise known as Aspire, provides custom database solutions for small to medium sized businesses based on core Microsoft database technologies.  Aspire also provides on site computer solutions and repairs for small and medium sized business's in the Four Corners area.

Database/Solution Custom Services - Aspire services include custom relational database application design using core Microsoft database technologies.  Custom database solutions are designed to solve specific business challenges in a software product that is intuitive, simple to operate and effective in addressing your specific business challenge.
On Site Computer/Software Repairs - In the coverage area Aspire provides on site computer repairs, software updates, software installation and configuration, business and home networking and computer security consulting. 
Wireless Solutions for Business -  indoor and outdoor wireless networking including Motels and RV Parks involving multiple customer Access Points.
Aspire features 2 Custom Database business solutions, CoffeeRoaster G2 Software andFishWare Software.  
Aspire has been a Microsoft Partner since 2007
Aspire is  found on Microsoft Pinpoint
Microsoft Certified Professional since 2003


News from Aspire

New - there is a new CoffeeRoaster Software Video available
Request download for CoffeeRoaster Software Video
New - there is a new CoffeeRoaster StandAlone Module for roasters who need to manage Green Bean Deliveries, Roast Logs, reports and statistics but do not need to connect to QuickBooks to manage Roasting and Bagging

New for 2016 - Scheduling Module The optional Scheduling Module can take CoffeeRoaster to an Enterprise level featuring the ability to Schedule Coffee Production for Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging from the Production - Bags form which is driven by QuickBooks imports.  The Scheduling Module provides 4 wide screen calendars to display scheduled events at Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging Workstations.  For each workstation you can also schedule Training, Maintenance and Repairs.

New for 2015 - CoffeeRoaster has 2 new modules, an Assemblies module for importing QuickBooks Assemblies into CoffeeRoaster and a new Scheduling Module for creating a task list for Coffee Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging.  The Scheduling Module is based on a widescreen calendar format (1920w x 1080h) and is suitable for enterprise level operations or those who need to create task lists for crew.  A short 13 minute informational video is in the works for the the Scheduling Module.  
New - FishWare Video, 5 Minutes on creating a new Reservation

 Visa and Mastercard - Aspire is also now processing Visa and Mastercard for new orders.
Green Bean Management Option for CoffeeRoaster G2
For fall 2012 an optional Green Bean Management capability was added to CoffeeRoaster.  The Green Bean option allows data entry of Green Bean Shipments and deducts the appropriate quanatity of Green Beans from the BIN to provide a real world lbs estimate of Green Bean BIN quantities. 
Addition of Post Roast Blends for CoffeeRoaster
During 4th Quarter 2012 support was added to CoffeeRoaster G2 for Single Origins, and both Pre and Post Roast Blends.  This capability is supported by the Green Bean Management option and will be available late 2013 with an updated Roaster Module which allows Roast Component substitutions. 
CoffeeRoaster G2 Management Module
The original CoffeeRoaster Management Module has been updated to G2 with additional capabilities and management specific data summaries. 
CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster Module
The original CoffeeRoaster Roaster Module has been upgraded to the CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster Module.  The Roaster Module adds the capabilities of a Roast Log, calculation of Shrinkage by individual Roast, Shrinkage summaries by Roast and the ability to specifiy individual Roast Components by Roast so that Component substitution is supported if necessary.   

Aspire Database Application Design
Aspire provides custom database solutions for small to medium sized businesses with the first application delivered in 2000. Specialized applicatons include:
  • ASAP - a specialized Excel application dedicated to providing summary data of Automotive Technician test results for the automotive industry

  • HDAP - a specialized Excel application similar to ASAP for the Heavy Duty transportation industry

  • RoadWarrior - Excel based expense report and annual summary application for mobile staff

  • RoadWarrior Office - Excel based weekly and annual summary application


Relational Database Products


CoffeeRoaster- CoffeeRoaster is a specialized relational database application built on core Microsoft database technologies designed to automate the import of QuickBooks sales invoices.  Once the Sales Invoice information has been brought into CoffeeRoaster Sales Line info is converted into a Coffee Roasting and Coffee Bagging production interface.  The information is displayed in lbs of Coffee to Roast for the Roaster and units to bag for the Bagger (image shown below).  The CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Module (required, CoffeeRoaster G2 Production Module) is the centerpiece of the CoffeeRoaster product suite, the optional CoffeeRoaster G2 Roaster Module (CoffeeRoaster Roaster Module) manages Coffee Roasting and a Roast Log, the optional Green Beans Module (CoffeeRoaster Green Beans Module) provides Green Bean Management and BIN deductions through the Production interface.  A optional Management level data analysis module is availble in the CoffeeRoaster G2 Management Module (CoffeeRoaster Management Module).  CoffeeRoaster first went into production in January 2009.  CoffeeRoaster can connect to QuickBooks or another data back end through an ODBC interface.


CoffeeRoaster G2


CoffeeRoaster Software
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FishWare - FishWare Lodging and Guide Service - FishWare is a new (Aug 2009) relational database application for the Fishing Lodge and Hunting Lodge industries built on core Microsoft database technologies.  FishWare provides a big picture based on Weekly and Monthly Calendars for Lodging, Meals, Housekeeping, Guided Venue, Staff Scheduling and Guide scheduling.


FishWare Lodging


FishWare Lodging and GuideService
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Aspire Network and Repair Services

  • on site computer repairs
  • on site hardware and software upgrades
  • small and medium size business networking
  • computer security consulting
  • indoor and outdoor wireless networking
  • on site personal computer training
  • on site or in home executive computer training
  • VBA project development in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Exce
Modern computer technology allows businesses to perform complex tasks in minimal time. To take advantage of the abilities of modern computers and software you may benefit by having your business computing needs professionally configured and trained.
A well functioning business computing solution depends on having the correct equipment, configuration, training and applications. Aspire can provide value based recommendations on hardware and software purchases so that you have the right combination of hardware and software to accomplish your needs.

For information on Home and Small Business networking go to the following page:

For technical information including operating system requirements and a historical perspective on Windows go to the following page:

Aspire Computer Solutions
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